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VIP Membership

Have you registered with Spinland yet? Have you been recognised as a VIP player?

As a VIP you will be treated to an exclusive online gaming experience that is second to none. With 24/7 priority support teams, customized offers and completely individualized memberships, Spinland VIP is simply the only way to go. 

Allow your personal VIP manager to spoil you with enhanced bonuses, regular gifting and 5-star day and holiday breaks. 

If you want to live the Spinland VIP lifestyle, or register and start playing!

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  1. Players will be assigned a VIP level based on account activity and individual game play. The different Member VIP levels within the VIP programme can be found here.
  2. You will be notified of your most recent level via your preferred method of communication or Spinland inbox.
  3. The VIP membership will be reviewed every 30 to 60 days from the day of your last upgrade.
  4. Inactive accounts, Self excluded account or unverified accounts will lose their VIP status.
  5. The higher member level, the more rewards you will receive. For more information, please see here.
  6. Membership is by invitation only. You cannot transfer your invitation or membership of the programme to anyone else.
  7. We may withdraw or cancel your membership of the programme at any time if you violate the VIP policy or if we suspect that you are engaged in illegal or fraudulent activities when using the VIP programme or in breach with the site terms and conditions.
  8. Any such decision to cancel your membership shall be at the sole discretion of the Spinland and shall not be open to appeal or review.
  9. By taking part in the programme, you are considered to have accepted these VIP conditions. If these VIP conditions disagree with any reward conditions, the reward conditions will apply.
  10. These terms and conditions are in addition to, and subject to, our Terms and Conditions of Use and Promotional Terms and Conditions. See here.
  11. Membership to the VIP Program is at the sole discretion of the Spinland. At anytime we reserve the right to either refuse or revoke the membership of any player.
  12. The type and frequency of membership gift(s), including birthday bonuses and rewards, are at the Spinland discretion.
  13. 18+. Play Responsibly.